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Mary Beth Medley

Artist, Designer, Audiovisual Specialist


 Mary Beth studied Fine Art at the Université de Montpellier, France. Renowned for its exchange between cultures, the Université de Montpellier is believed to have been founded around 980AD and quickly became the Academic center of the city, affirmed in 1180 with the authorization to practice and teach. A century later, with religion being an important factor, it was recognized by the Church, making it the oldest of Montpellier Schools in the Western world. Professors from Montpellier were prominent in the drafting of the Napoleonic Code, the civil code by which France is still guided and a foundation for modern law codes wherever Napoleonic influence extended. Some of its illustrious pupils included Petrarch and Nostradamus.

It is easy to see the profound influence of these diverse cultures embodied in the history of France and Europe in her work. From the subtle details of Middle-Ages to the bright vivid colors of the Renaissance, making up her acclaimed collection of fine art.

Mary Beth’s work has been exhibited in many fine art shows, including The Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Annual (America’s Longest Running Outdoor Art Show, founded in 1932), and The Brandywine Arts Festival (a nationally recognized show boasting participants from across the United States, and ranking in the top 100 shows in the country).

Mary Beth’s mastery of fine detail and skillful use of depth made her 1 of only 24 Artists chosen by The United States Mint as a Coin and Medal Designer. This opportunity allowed her to once again expand her love of art in a new medium, designing coins and medals for the United States Mint.

Like many, Mary Beth’s love of art took a secondary role so that she could focus on motherhood and raising two wonderful boys who now both follow their passions. One is a semi-pro hockey team captain and pursuing a degree in sports and recreation management. The second is a counselor in the mental health field.

During this period, Mary Beth noticed that was difficult to find quality art at reasonable prices that would be suitable as home décor. She found the perfect solution to quench her need to express herself through art and help others that appreciate fine art, but the cost may have been prohibitive for their home and budget. She reached out to some the biggest licensing agencies in the country with the idea of creating a line of décor products. The response was a resounding yes, with her unique collection of art that they would be proud to bring to market.

Her art is now internationally licensed and has been displayed in numerous movies, television shows such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as on decorative wall plaques, photo album covers, decorative storage boxes, and countless home décor items available through major retailers such as Target, Kohl’s, Kirkland’s, JC Penney’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Goods, to name a few.

And now some 20 odd years later, she again branches in a new direction. With her boys grown, she has rededicated herself to focusing on her heart and passion, fine art. She loves working in the traditional watercolors and acrylics that brought her acclaim, but also greatly enjoys working with new mediums such as alcohol-based color on non-porous glossy substrates and even redefining traditional work with her unique touch. She prides herself on her original one-of-a-kind design. Providing that personal touch, and tailoring pieces for individual clients and décors, from the modest Manhattan starter apartment to regal family homes.



Internationally Licensed

Art appears on decorative wall plaques, photo album covers, decorative storage boxes, memo boards, and others. These products are available in large chains such as Target, Kohl’s , Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Linens ‘N Things

Original Ideas

 Long-time skill in computer design mixed with paintings,  for a look that cannot be achieved with painting alone.

Excellent Support

Works well with clients of any size. In a group setting or one on one communication with the customer achieves the desired product.