Sample Work


All colorways and styles of bathrooms, published for framed artwork for sale in large retail chains.

Watercolor,Acrylic,Oil Prints

My biggest section, a very SMALL sampling of my paintings! Most have been published for framing in large retail outlets.

Currently, I am published under 

"Elizabeth Medley"

with my current company.


Very popular in retail stores.

Layout and Ads

Quick and inexpensive ad turnaround for your company.Contact me anytime and I will give you an up-front cost, no hidden fees!

Licensed Products

Paintings that I have created that have been produced as or onto other decorative products.


Thousands of logos created! Up-front cost is set in the beginning, and I supply at least 3-9 numbered ideas for us to work with. Proofs are sent until you are completely satisfied, then I supply final logo in any format(s) you require.

UI / UX Design / Icons

User experience landing pages and buttons, also story boarding examples of technical design directions for developers/coders to animate learning modules I created.


Mixing stock art, open-source imagery, and Photoshop, these are examples of generic decorative maps that I created, published and sold in many retail stores.

Etsy Store Samples

Previous and current Etsy store items. I still design custom wedding invitations through here from time to time, as well as sell some of my original paintings.


I can create complicated die lines for your packaging, as well as the packaging design itself.


I love typography and make it into art!

U.S. Mint Coin Design

During my 4-year contract with the U.S. Mint, I was an associate coin designer, supplementing the designers at the Philadelphia location. I submitted numerous designs, one of which was chosen as a final commemorative coin.

Wireframe / Mockup Design

Wireframe Sample

Wireframe detailed mockup for a fitness site. Layered PhotoShop files were supplied to the development team so they could extract all essential graphics as needed.